Work and the Workplace

An Eye on Work and the Workplace

Todays’ workplace can be a variety of things to many people, and at all levels and tasks. Is the most senior manager at the work place necessarily the most important part of the business, or is the machinery or service which produces the tangible reason for the business’s existence more important.

Perhaps to differentiate is not to answer the question, but to take the enterprise as a whole and determine if it is fit and well and every piece runs smoothly with the next.

The modern workplace can be a very demanding place indeed, with pressures and expectations at all levels. Where stress and perhaps low moral occur in the production floor, or public facing counters, that dissatisfaction will become apparent to managers, and could affect all of the levels above.

Similarly, if management are suffering overburdening pressures to achieve and perform, frustrations and even lack of motivation can find its way down amongst staff of the levels below.

One way to address, or prevent any deterioration in staff morale, or lack of focus, could be to embark on team building courses…… interested?

These can be tailored to suit the size and nature of any business or body of people, whatever the numbers. Team building builds teams, as it says on the tin, and can really improve communications and open up other sides of people that the work environment does not.

Team building can get work colleagues closer to each other through better mutual understanding, using experiences away from the working norm. They are also an excellent way of retaining and developing vital relations between customers and suppliers.

These exercises can be as diverse as businesses themselves, they could be employed at training sessions, or as cerebral, attitudinal, or physical warm ups before conferences, seminars or staff training.

The team building exercises carry their importance, not in the direct physical activity undertaken by the team, but also in the honing of group skills, communication and bonding that result. The activity, be it abseiling or portrait painting is the conduit for the end result, a fast impact learning experience.

The major aim for the exercises are to boost motivation and morale, which in turn boost the team’s expectations of themselves, and consequently those around them in the work place. It can break down barriers of perceived seniority and meritocracy, and be terrific fun at the same time. A managing director with mud their eyes looks very much like a junior clerk with mud in theirs!