Mobile Phone Driving Offence Penalties Double

Using A Mobile Phone While Driving Penalties Are Doubling

In recent years, figures indicate that drivers who use their mobile phone while behind the wheel has been on the increase. Several high profile accident fatalities have brought the issue to the front of newspapers, leading to the government doubling the penalties from £100 fine and 3 penalty points to £200 and 6 points.

For new drivers, who have had a licence for less than two years, this means that just one offence will result in having your licence revoked & facing a retest.

Many campaigners are concerned however that the new penalties are still not severe enough and that hand held mobile phone use should be treated as strictly as drink driving.

It is claimed that looking at your phone while driving impairs your driving ability as much as being in excess of the drink drive limit so there is a valid argument for comparable punishments.

Using your phone while driving is a serious offence which courts dislike a great deal. There are several defences to these allegations however, can explain the best way to successfully defend your offence.

Road Safety

Currently, drivers causing accidents and fatalities are the only ones facing heavy penalties, but these are being imposed after they have cost an innocent driver their life.

Surely in a civilised society, it makes more sense to introduce penalties that are sufficient to deter motorists from picking up their phones.

Maybe the new, tougher penalties will have the desired effect, but many industry experts are sceptical at present.