Travel and Insurance

Travel and Insurance

Is holiday insurance the last thing on your list? Maybe it should be first?

Bags are all packed, and it’s time to head off to the airport. Lock the front door, and away you go, and mentally check, what have I forgotten?

Everybody does it, and probably comes up with the same or similar mantra, “passport, tickets, money, passport, ticket, money check” working on the theory that whatever else may have been left, these are the most important, and little else really matters.

Except, there is one other item that should be on that list of imperatives, that is travel Continue reading Travel and Insurance

Work and the Workplace

An Eye on Work and the Workplace

Todays’ workplace can be a variety of things to many people, and at all levels and tasks. Is the most senior manager at the work place necessarily the most important part of the business, or is the machinery or service which produces the tangible reason for the business’s existence more important.

Perhaps to differentiate is not to answer the question, but to take the enterprise as a whole and determine if it is fit and well and every piece runs smoothly with the next.

The modern workplace can be a very Continue reading Work and the Workplace

Google Friendly Website Basics

How To Keep Your Website Google Friendly

With the increasing volume of Google algorithms being introduced to filter and sift a good website from a bad one, it’s never been easier to incur an accidental ranking penalty.

The majority of penalties are controlled automatically using algorithms, so they are not ‘penalties’ as such, it’s just that your site doesn’t not meet Google’s demanding expectations.

In addition to algorithmically induced penalties, Google also applies manual penalties which are much more serious for you, the Continue reading Google Friendly Website Basics

Mobile Phone Driving Offence Penalties Double

Using A Mobile Phone While Driving Penalties Are Doubling

In recent years, figures indicate that drivers who use their mobile phone while behind the wheel has been on the increase. Several high profile accident fatalities have brought the issue to the front of newspapers, leading to the government doubling the penalties from £100 fine and 3 penalty points to £200 and 6 points.

For new drivers, who have had a licence for less than two years, this means that just one offence will result in having your licence revoked & facing a retest.

Many campaigners are concerned however that Continue reading Mobile Phone Driving Offence Penalties Double

UK Road Building History

Road Building in the UK

As with the history of most of Northern Europe, the concept of roads in pre-Christian years was a pretty hazy one.

Travelling was something undertaken probably more to herd cattle than interchange socially, and at certain times of the year, not undertaken at all.

Paths worn by animals and humans alike would have been dusty, stony tracks in the summer months, and in winter and early spring, impassable quagmires of mud or stone.

A few long distance routes were established, such as the Icknield Way, and Pedars Way, but again, they were Continue reading UK Road Building History